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Eyelash Plucking






Classic Lashes 


a 1:1 lash ratio that results in an enhanced lash line with a natural and realistic appearance. 


(New/Full Set)                                  $110

2 week Fill                                          $55

Hybrid Lashes 


a 50/50 combination of classic lashes and volume fans that results in a darker more full-looking lashline. Hybrid's are the perfect middle ground between natural and full-on drama.


(New/Full Set)                                  $130


2 week Fill                                          $65

Volume Lashes


Made of handmade volume fans ranging in different diameters to ensure the integrity of your own natural lashes, full, fluffy, and dramatic.


(New/Full Set)                                  $150

2 week Fill                                          $75

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volume lashes.jpg

For Lash inquiries or bookings please email:

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

  1. Fresh Face. We want you to have the most beautiful, fullest lashes in all of the land! To make sure we're able to lash as many of your natural lashes as possible in your appointment time, make sure to remove ALL eye makeup before your appointment. This not only helps with lash retention, but it also saves time that your stylist will have to otherwise spend removing it for you! Be sure to use a mild, oil-free cleanser to eliminate excess oils around the eyes. 
    - Avoid applying sunscreen or moisturizers to ensure proper adhesion.
    Do not wear mascara to your extension appointment. Lashes must be fresh and clean for the application process.
    - Try not to use waterproof mascara 2-3 days prior. It leaves a residue that could prevent extensions from sticking correctly.
    - Do not curl your lashes. It works better to apply extensions when they are as straight as possible.

  2. Come Clean. Showering and/or washing your face prior to your appointment is important! If you want to have the best retention, you'll want to eliminate contact with water/ steam as much as possible within the first day of your appointment so that the adhesive of the extensions can properly set with your natural lashes.

  3. Remove Contacts. We understand that your contacts are essentially a part of you, and for many, the only way to visually make out any shapes or objects, but  please be sure to remove them for the appointment. This will allow your eyes to be in their most natural, rested state and prevent any glue fumes from entering your eyes or excessive drying out to occur as they are closed throughout the session. Wear glasses instead, or bring a contact lens case to remove them.

  4. Turn Off Your Phone. We understand emergencies can happen, but getting a call or text during an appointment where you need to stay still and keep your eyes closed is like having the worst imaginable itch that you can't scratch! Questions like "who could that be", or "is everyone okay" start racing through your mind and your first instinct is to open your eyes and leap off the table (not recommended for several reasons!). Let those close to you know you'll be unavailable for the next few hours. Unless you’re actually waiting on a SUPER important call, then please turn your phone on silent – it’ll help you relax more and make your lash appointment that much more enjoyable. 

  5. Use the Bathroom Before. When you're lying on a table for up to 3 hours and all of a sudden those 32 ounces of water you tried cramming in just to reach your hydration goal for the day comes knocking on your bladder while your eyelids are taped in several places, you'll thank us for reminding you.

  6. Avoid Caffeine. We love and require caffeine to function as much as the next person but consuming it before your lash appointment should be a hard pass! Picture someone trying to use very tiny, sharply pointed objects that require the utmost care and attention, next to a beautiful set of peepers that are heavily convulsing....ya, it gives us anxiety too!

  7. Get Comfy & Relax. Think of your lash appointment as some much needed YOU time! You get to let go of the stresses from your day and completely unwind. Your lash appointment may take up to 3 hours, the perfect time to let go, relax and for most, have the best adult nap that you care to admit!

  8. Quiet Time. We love getting to know and catch up with all of our fabulous clients, however talking throughout an appointment does lead to fluttering eyelids and makes application much more difficult and time consuming. Please understand, these recommendations are only because we care and want you leaving with the most fabulous lashes that last you weeks and weeks! 

Lush & Lavish Beauty.png
Lush & Lavish Beauty.png


  1. Don't wash your new lashes for at least 24hours after application. This ensures the glue has completely cured. 

  2. Wash your lashes (concentrating at the roots) with a lash-safe cleanser and soft-bristled brush every day. We naturally produce oils that can break down the glue affecting retention. 

  3. Avoid heat & steam from ovens, BBQs, saunas, steam rooms, hot yoga, extreme cold temperatures (or wear goggles!). The extra heat and moisture can melt your extensions and/or dramatically decrease the retention of your lash extensions. The extreme cold can cause water build up on our lashes that then freezes also affecting lash retention.

  4. Don't rub or pick your lashes. The extra friction and natural oils on our fingers can prematurely cause our lash extensions to fall out. Try to use your supplied lash spoolie if you have the urge to itch.

  5. Avoid waterproof makeup and oil-based makeup removes. Ingredients in these products will break down the glue once again affecting your retention.

  6. Don't face plant your pillow when you sleep. Understandably, majority of us have ZERO control when we are unconscious so it can be quite difficult to avoid sleeping on your face or even remember it happened! If you notice a bunch of lone soldiers greeting you on your pillow this may be a good sign that you did some face sleeping. Try using a silk pillow sheet or eye mask to prevent your lashes from catching and being pulled out.

  7. Don't tint, perm or curl your eyelashes (even old-school eyelash curlers are a no-no).

  8. Keep your lashes pretty by brushing daily  (and your natural lashes healthy) by refilling them every 2 - 4 weeks.

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